Welcome to Jordan & Skinner.

Jordan  &  Skinner  are  a  theatre  company  who  want  to  see  a  world  in  which  women  take  up  space*.

We are based in Scotland and lead by performer Melanie Jordan and director Caitlin Skinner. We make joyful performance about the stuff that makes us angry.  Our style is a mix of physical theatre, clown, dance, politics and visual metaphor with an unapologetically militant intersectional feminist agenda.

Thanks for visiting our site. Here you can find out about all our work past, present and future. Please make yourself at home. The kettle is always on.

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*by women we mean  trans,  cis,  non  binary,  gender  non  conforming,  femmes,  females,  girls and more; by take  up  we mean   occupy,  have  influence  over,  have  ownership  of,  be  represented,  be  prioritised,  are  safe  in,  control,  redefine,  are  celebrated; by space we mean    physical  spaces,  institutions,  conversations,  governments,  culture,

J&S News


We are delighted to announce that Jordan & Skinner have been awarded an Artworks Alliance Fellowship through Creative Scotland in assocation with the Barbican. YAY! This fellowship will allow us the space and time to get better at what we do. Throughout the next few months we will be interviewing people, recording a podcast, running workshops and going out to see inspiring pieces of art as we think about the relationship between art and activism in our work. Lucky us!

We are also delighted to announce that through our fellowship, Jordan & Skinner will be Associate Artists at Platform for 2018/19.

We LOVE Platform and are so looking forward to working with everyone there throughout the year. You can read a bit about our attachment on the Platform website here.

More updates soon.